The Better Periods Box

This box contains 11 key ingredients to support restful sleep, energized days, improved mood, glowing skin, less bloating, and regular cycles.
Organic Double Chocolate Chip Cookies + Cinnamon Maca Seasoning + Sesame Nori Seasoning
Organic Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: While on your period, eat 1 cookie per day, or 2-3 during moments when you crave sweets most; Cinnamon Maca Seasoning: Eat 1 TBS per day during days 1-14 of your cycle; Sesame Nori Seasoning: Eat 1 TBS per day during days 15-28 of your cycle.
Organic Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: rice flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, coconut palm sugar, cocoa butter), pumpkin seeds, flax seed, psyllium husk, ashwagandha, shatavari, vanilla extract, Pink Himalayan sea salt Cinnamon Maca Seasoning: pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, cinnamon, cocoa powder, maca powder, ashwagandha, cardamom, nutmeg, coconut sugar, coconut flakes, sea salt Sesame Nori Seasoning: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, nori flakes, sumac, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, turmeric, dried shiitake powder, coconut flakes, sea salt

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