Pregnancy Tests


Why We Love It

  • The first and only plastic neutral pregnancy test. 

What You'll Get

  • 1 box = 4 tests
  • Highly-sensitive, early-result pregnancy tests over 99% accurate
  • Take up to 5 days before your expected period
  • Works by detecting human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), one of the first signs of pregnancy, with high sensitivity (10 mIU/mL hCG).
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How To Use

  • Begin by unwrapping a test and removing the cap (do not dispose and keep within reach!) to expose the absorbent tip. Sit on the toilet and hold the handle of the test with the absorbent tip pointing downward. Urinate directly on the absorbent tip for about five seconds or until completely wet. Keep the tip pointing downward, recap the end, and place the test on a flat surface with the result window facing up. Wait five minutes before looking at your results; make sure to read results within 30 minutes.  


This product is currently available for shipping within the U.S.

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