Ovulation Test Strips


Why We Love It

  • Ovulation Test Strips are great if you want to: conceive, avoid pregnancy, improve cycle monitoring and predictions, and/or become more in tune with your fertility and hormones. 

What You'll Get

  • Small Box = 10 Ovulation Tests
  • Medium Box = 24 Ovulation Tests + 4 Pregnancy Tests
  • Large Box = 40 Ovulation Tests + 8 Pregnancy Tests
  • These small and discreet test strips are cost-effective and an environmentally friendly alternative to the large single-use plastic applicators available at the drugstore.
  • Detects most fertile days
  • Tests over 99.2% accurate
  • To shop more Tests + Trackers, click here.
  • To shop more products for Trying to Conceive and Better Periods, click here and here.

How To Use

  • Each box includes one reusable sample cup (to collect urine) and step-by-step instructions.


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