Double Chocolate Chip Cookie


Why We Love It

  • A mood-lifting tasty treat to support balanced estrogen and progesterone.

What You'll Get

  • One box includes 8 cookies.
  • A not-too-sweet chocolate indulgence. 
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How To Consume
  • These cookies are amazing to eat on their own. We also love them a la mode with your favorite dairy or non-dairy ice cream.
  • Eat 1 cookie per day, or 2-3 during moments when you crave sweets most.

This product is currently available for shipping within the U.S. and Canada.


For hormone balance, fertility & better periods: Organic ashwagandha powder, organic shatavari powder, organic pumpkin seeds, organic flax seeds, organic psyllium husk, organic cocoa powder, organic rice flour

For general health & happiness: Pink Himalayan sea salt, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, organic dark chocolate chips (organic unsweetened chocolate, organic coconut palm sugar, organic cocoa butter), organic vanilla extract

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