Ollie You Need is Love - Or, Like, a Really Good Vibe

Humans have been discovering unique and interesting ways to find pleasure since the dawn of time, and one thing that always surprises me is just how versatile, ubiquitous, and creative pleasure-seeking aids have been throughout history. We have an extensive record of dildos, lubricants, cock rings, and anal plugs, and all those stepping stones made way for the innovative and clever toys we see today. 

The Ollie definitely honors that legacy, but it delivers on a modern understanding of the user’s needs without being overwhelmed with tech and gadgetry. It’s a toy for any type of user, accessible for beginners just exploring what they like, and useful and versatile for those who want to take it to the next level. It performs well as both the main character and a supporting cast member, and couples are as likely to enjoy the Ollie as much as solo players will. 

There are many reasons to like this toy, but to start, it’s genuinely fun. The color is light and bright—because pleasure should be joyful and creative! —and the texture is soft and gentle to bare or lightly covered skin. This toy is solid and capable, but it doesn’t feel heavy, and even the most non-dexterous can transition easily between dominant and non-dominant hand use for whatever the night ahead might bring. (Or morning, or afternoon. Go team.) 

It’s easy to find the right vibe (pun only a little intended) for your mood thanks to eight different settings. You can ramp up gently with some of the softer, more consistent settings at the low end, go straight for the gold with a little of the rough and ready, or lean into that edge play fun with vibration patterns that just get you there and then pull back in time to leave you wanting, hot, and bothered. The setting buttons are extremely responsive, so you don’t need to worry about navigating between channels at the height of pleasure, and though the material remains cool in the hand (a nice sensory touch) it’s easy to keep your grip, with no worry of slipping. 

I love the silicone material of the Ollie as well (eco-friendly pleasure, yes please!) and the toy is super easy to clean. The charger is discrete and pretty easy to use, though you’ll want to make sure you chock the toy against something while charging, since the prongs are magnetic, and the toy did roll off the nightstand the first time I tried. Give yourself about an hour for that first charge, so you don’t need to worry about stopping right when things get good. A single charge will see you through several substantial uses. 

It’s worth noting that the Ollie is a pretty powerful machine, and it sounds like it. Some of the lower settings are a little more subtle and quiet, but a closed-door probably won’t muffle the sound completely. To be fair, I’m grateful for thick walls for more than one reason, where the Ollie is concerned.


- written by Ruby Scalera